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Adoremus's commitment to the improvement of music for Catholic worship is singularly evident in its production of the Adoremus Hymnal, published by Ignatius Press, now in its second printing. But in addition to providing a worthy alternative, as the Hymnal does, it is worthwhile to focus on the strengths (and weaknesses) of what most of us encounter in our parishes. Articles are listed from most recently published and are posted backwards. (See Church Documents page and Actions of the Holy See on Liturgy and Music - 1903-1974 for liturgical documents on music.)

Article Submission Guidelines

The Adoremus Hymnal

Jubilate Deo

Eucharistic Hymns -- Resource

National Hymn - God of Our Fathers, whose almighty Hand

**The Archdiocese of St. Louis Institute of Sacred Music: This site gives access to Fr. Samuel Weber's musical settings of the Ordinary of the Mass and various propers for the liturgical seasons, saints' feast days, the sacraments, and other occasions free download as PDF.

Buried Treasures by Susan Benofy, published in 2001, 5 part series can now be downloaded as a pdf - PDF version

Nicola A. Montani and the Catholic Liturgical Revival of the Early 20th Century -- by Lucy E. Carroll, Vol. XX, No. 6, September 2014

Fiftieth Anniversary of the CMAA by William Mahrt, Vol. XX, No. 3, May 2014

Transmitting Our Musical Legacy to Young Catholic Musicians by Gary D. Penkala, Vol. XX, No. 3, May 2014

Sacred Music and the Liturgy -- Signs of Hope for the Future, Musica Sacra Saint Louis Conference Report, by Brian Abel Ragen, Vol. XX, No. 2, April 2014

The Dies Irae and the Last Day -- by Bishop Arthur Serratelli, Vol. XIX, No.9

Sacred Music Today: the Best of Times, the Worst of Times -- by Carl E. Olson, November 2013, Vol. XIX, No. 8

About The Introits for Advent, November 2013, Vol. XIX, No. 8

An Advent Calendar of Hymn Tune Introits -- by Kathleen Pluth, November 2013, Vol. XIX, No. 8

What is Really behind the Music "Style Wars"? A question of Function, Holiness and Hermeneutics -- by Susan Benofy, Vol. XIX, No. 2, April 2013

Music, Poetry, Liturgy -- and Their Silences -- by Donald DeMarco, Vol. XVIII, No. 9, December 2012-January 2013

The Blessing of Hymnody -- by Kathleen Pluth, Vol. XVIII, No. 9, December 2012-January 2013

No More Adding Tropes to the Agnus Dei Chant -- Changes to music guidelines, "Sing to the Lord" forthcoming -- November 2012

Why Create New Art or Music When There's Plenty of Good Old Stuff Around? -- by David Clayton, Vol XVIII, No. 6, September 2012

Singing the Mass: Liturgical Music as Participation in Christ -- by Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead, May 2012, Vol. XVIII No. 3

To Sing the Mass -- and Teach It, Musica Sacra Saint Louis Conference 2012 -- by Susan Benofy, Vol. XVIII, No. 2, April 2012

A Blessed Day Has Dawned -- Sacred Choral Music: Palestrina, Laude Spirituali, Gregorian Chant by the St. Vincent Camerata Scholars, Vol. XVII, No. 10, February 2012

News & Views -- Exploring Sacred Music Seminar 2012 | Pope Names 22 New Cardinals: 2 from US | American Nunico for a Tense Ireland | 50th International Eucharistic Congress in Ireland | Msgr. Moroney to be Rector of Boston's Seminary | Saint Joan of Arc's 600th Birthday, Vol. XVII, No. 10, February 2012

News & Views -- Restoring the Words, Beauty, and Truth | Symposium on the Language of Liturgy | Musica Sacra Saint Louis Conference | 2012 SCL Conference: Liturgy and Asceticism | Holy Communion in Both Kinds | Vespers in Manhattan: Catholic Artists Society | Adoremus on EWTN, Vol. XVII, No. 9, December 2011- January 2012

Venite Adoremus -- Fitting Music for the New Translation of the Mass -- by Dan Burke, Vol. XVII, No. 9, December 2011- January 2012

New Liturgical Music Institute Honors Blessed John Henry Newman -- by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol. XVII, No. 7, October 2011

Introducing -- The Adoremus Hymnal -- Second Edition -- by Helen Hull Hitchcock, Vol XVII, No 6, September 2011

The Mass Finds its Voice -- by Carol Zaleski, Vol XVII, No 6, September 2011

The Patrimony of Sacred Music: Continuity and Natural Development -- Pope Benedict XVI's Address for the 100th Anniversary of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music, Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

CMAA Colloquium XXI -- The Musical Language of the American Church -- by Arlene Oost-Zinner, Vol. XVII, No. 5, August 2011

Towards the Future -- Singing the Mass -- by Monsignor Andrew Wadsworth, Vol. XVII, No. 3, May 2011

Musica Sacra - St. Louis Conference Signals Growing Interest in Chant - by Susan Benofy [April 2011]

News and Views -- Pope John Paul II to Be Beatified May 1 | Ordinariate Erected for England and Wales | Four US Prelates to New Curial Posts | New Music Director for Saint Louis | CMAA - 2011 Winter Chant Intensive | Allentown Gregorian Chant Workshop | Musica Sacra St. Louis Conference Planned | ICEL Posts Mass Music on Web [February 2011]

Sing a New Song with Your Lives - The Promise of the New Edition of the Roman Missal -- by Bishop James Conley [February 2011]

Polyphony and the Parish Choir - How great masterworks of choral music can enhance parish liturgies -- by Lucy Carroll [February 2011]

Remembering the Pius X School of Liturgical Music -- by Lucy Carroll [December 2010-January 2011]

Sacred Music Colloquium XX: “Seven Days of Musical Heaven” -- by Jeffrey Tucker [September 2010]

News & Views -- Cardinal Paul Augustin Mayer | Adoremus Hymnal - Work on Revision Begins | New Choral Music Project | CMAA: Chant at the Cathedral | Pope Creates Council for the New Evangelization, July-August 2010

Westminster Choir School -- Singing Praises to Our God -- by Joanna Bogle, July-August 2010

Gradual Progress in Recovery of Sacred Music -- The Saint Louis Gradual -- English Chants for the Roman Missal -- by Helen Hull Hitchcock, May 2010

News and Views - Sacred Architecture Symposium at CUA | Pope Benedict XVI and Sacred Music Conference in Ireland | CMAA Colloquim XX | St. Louis Institute of Sacred Music - Many Resources, Vol. XVI, No. 2, April 2010

Taking up the Psalter - "Recently I was asked by some friends who are not accustomed to using the Psalter, why it might be to their advantage to take it up in their worship and private devotion. This should not be too difficult a matter to explain, I thought at first. Anyone who has listened to Handel’s Messiah is aware of the long Christian tradition of reading the Old Testament as a book of prophecy about Christ. Surely this would be a good place to start." -- by Samuel F. Weber, OSB, Vol. XVI, No. 2, April 2010

News and Views -- Vox Clara Missal Review | Workshops on Missal Planned for US Clergy and Diocesan | CMAA Plans 2010 Chant Colloquium | Colloquium on Sacred Music - Video and CD | Conference on Music, Liturgy at Collegeville | Clergy Holds Liturgy Conference in Rome [ March 2010 ]

John Henry Newman and Music -- by Susan Treacy, [November 2009]

What the Novus Ordo Is -- Isn't, The Council Intended Reform, not Rupture -- by Lucy E. Carroll [September 2009]

Music through the Ages - What history can teach us about sacred music today - Book Review of Catholic Music through the Ages: Balancing the Needs of a Worshipping Chruch (by Edward Schaefer, Chicago: Hillenbrand Books, 2008) -- by Susan Benofy [June-July 2009]

The Clerical Challenge in "Sing to the Lord" by W. Patrick Cunningham [December 2008 - January 2009]

Reverence, Music at Mass Top Readers' Concerns - Report on the Adoremus Survey -- compiled by Susan Benofy [December 2008 - January 2009]

The Spirituality of Sacred Music: What does it mean when the Church sings? -- by The Rev. Scott A. Haynes, SJC [October 2008]

News and Views -- Pope Explains Summorum Pontificum to French Bishops | PCED Cardinal Comments… | Gregorian Chant and Polyphony Workshop | ICEL Reports Work on Missal Completed | Pro Orantibus: A Day “For Those Who Pray” [October 2008]

News and Views -- Archbishop Ranjith to Address Saint Louis Liturgy Conference | The Bible and the Liturgy Conference | Music Workshop in Gregorian Chant | Who Would Not Love This Music? | National Catholic Youth Choir Update [September 2008]

Rethinking the Responsorial Psalm - Has it become a "Bull in a China Shop"? -- by Lucy Carroll -- [June 2008]

Benedictine Composer to Direct New Saint Louis Institute of Sacred Music -- by Helen Hull Hitchcock [ May 2008 ]

Liturgy and Sacred Music by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI -- [April 2008]

The Decline and Fall of Catholic Music -- What can we do to stop the downward inertia? -- by Jeffrey Tucker -- [April 2008]

Evangelia Cantata: A Notated Book of Gospels: A review-interview with the composer -- Helen Hull Hitchcock interviews Edward Schaefer, March 2008

Sacred Music in the Rockies: Chant Workshop in Colorado Springs Inspires Singers -- by Larry Rutherford, March 2008

Sacred Music -- Time to Reconnect with Worship? by Richard Perrignon, February 2008

Catholic Church Music: A Century of Progress? by Helen Hull Hitchcock and Susan Benofy, February 2008


Singing the Mass - We cannot say that one Song is as Good as Another -- by Susan Benofy, November 2007

Basic Chant CDs -- Learning by Listening, November 2007

USCCB November Meeting -- Bishops to Consider Three Liturgy Action Items -- by Helen Hull Hitchcock, November 2007

Pope Benedict: Sacred Music an Integral Part of Liturgy, November 2007

News & Views -- Adoremus Conference | New Chant Recording from Father Waddell | Voice from the Past? | Gregorian Chant and Polyphony — Sacred Music Workshop | Preaching Workshop at Liturgical Institute | Music Director Needed, October 2007

Chant: Music for the Few? Or the Many? -- A slightly light-hearted look at the history and usage of Gregorian chant, by Lucy Carroll, October 2007

Teens and Chant in the Mass, by W. Patrick Cunningham, October 2007

The Chabanel Psalms: New and Better Psalms for Your Parish, An Interview with Jeffrey Ostrowski, October 2007

Singing the Four Seasonal Marian Anthems -- by Lucy Carroll [September 2007]

The Sound of a Catholic Communion: CMAA's New Release: Communio: Communion Antiphon with Psalms -- interview with Jeffrey Tucker -- [July-August 2007]

News & Views -- Mundelein Retreat for Church Musicians | Lumen Christi Institute Symposium | Sacred Music Chant Workshop in Stamford [May 2007]

Monsignor Richard Schuler-- December 30, 1020 - April 20, 2007-- Church loses Sacred Music Champion [May 2007]

The Birth and Death of a National Hymnal -- 1973-1976 -- Part II -- Seeking a "Core Repertoire" -- By Susan Benofy [April 2007]

The Rediscovery of the Liturgy of the Hours: The Mundelein Psalter -- A New Resource for the Church's Ancient Prayer [March 2007]

"To Give Glory to God", Chicago Children's Choir & the Question of Catholic Heritage -- by The Rev. Brother Scott Haynes [March 2007]

The Birth and Death of a National Hymnal 1973-1976, Part I -- by Susan Benofy [March 2007]

Revitalizing Liturgical Music -- Recovering the Sacred: Church Music Association of America Colloquium 2007: "Six Days of Musical Heaven" [March 2007]

News & Views -- 2008 Synod of Bishops: The Word of God | US Bishops To Review More Missal Texts | Scottish Schola Revives Gregorian Chant [February 2007]

Wandering in the Desert - After forty years, we still seek the musical Promised Land -- by Anthony Corvaia, Jr. [February 2007]

Chant Resources for Parishes [February 2007]

News and Views -- Build the House of God With Men, Holy Father Says | Pope’s New Book on the Life of Jesus Coming Soon | AMU Seeks Music Faculty Member | Chant for the Church and the World [Dec 2006 - January 2007]

2006 USCCB Meeting -- Bishops Vote for Music Directory and New Revised Lectionary -- First guidelines for approval of music texts; Advent Readings -- by Susan Benofy [Dec 2006 - January 2007]

Music at the Monastery: Christmas Eve by Lucy Carroll [Dec 2006 - January 2007]

News & Views -- Vox Clara Reports Progress with Missal Translation | BCL Consults on Revising MCW | FDLC on MCW: Don’t Change! [November 2006]

Are There Lessons for Today in Twelfth-Century Sacred Music? -- by Father Chrysogonus Waddell [November 2006]

USCCB to Meet in Baltimore: Lectionary Revisions; Directory for Approval of Music Proposed [November 2006]

Vatican II and Musicam Sacram -- Revisiting the Principles, Rethinking the Paradigms, Renewing the Liturgy -- by Edward Schaefer [November 2006]

Readers' Forum -- Friends or Disciples | What’s Wrong with a Little Sentimental Piety? | House of Prayer? | “Lord of the Dance” | Applause at Mass | Gregorian Chant at St. Mark’s | Responsorial Psalm Choices | Substituting Chants [November 2006]

St. Mark’s — A Liturgy Without Hymns
Is the liturgy at this great Venetian basilica what the Council had in mind?

by Joseph Swain [October 2006]

Pope Benedict XVI
Gregorian Chant and Choral Polyphony in the Liturgy
[October 2006]

Music for Catholic Funerals -- or, But Uncle Horace Loved that Song! -- by Lucy E. Carroll [September 2006]

A Choir Director’s Lament on Lyrics for Liturgy
What the heck are they singing? -- by Lucy Carroll [May 2006]

The Rediscovery of Musical Treasure -- Saint Cecilia Schola Cantorum Holds Gregorian Chant Workshop -- by Arlene Oost-Zinner [April 2006]

Cardinal Vaughan Memorial Schola: British Boys Bring Songs of Praise to Rome -- by Joanna Bogle [April 2006]

Retrieving "A Treasure of Inestimable Value" -- The Bishops' Subcommittee on Music and the Directory of Music for Use in the Liturgy -- by Susan Benofy [March 2006]

Selected Quotes on Sacred Song 1963-2003 [March 2006]

A Hymn for Lent - Nunc tempus acceptabile [March 2006]

How to Form a Choir: In Ten Easy and Not-so-easy Lessons
by Lucy Carroll [February 2006]

Gregorian Chant -- The Possibilities and Conditions for a Revival
by Monsignor Valentino Miserachs Grau [Dec 2005 - Jan 2006]

A Musical Offering [Dec 2005 - Jan 2006]

News & Views -- Cardinal Arinze’s 40th Anniversary as Bishop | CBA 2005:“Fundamentalistic” Bible Studies in Schools; Revised NAB Old Testament Awaits Approval | CBA Task Force Struggles to Extract Meaning | USCCB to Certify “Directors of Music Ministries”, says NPM | “Co-workers in the Vineyard” on USCCB Docket [November 2005]

Here Comes the Bride — and There She Goes Music for Catholic Wedding Masses -- by Lucy Carroll [November 2005]

Hymn for Christ the King -- [November 2005]

Five Fine Contemporary Hymns -- By Lucy Carroll [October 2005]

A Musical Offering -- [October 2005]

The Top Ten Catholic Hymns -- The question what are the top ten Catholic Hymns was raised in the AB Readers' Forum....
by Lucy Carroll - Plus AB Readers’ Top 10 [September 2005]

News & Views -- “The Medina Years” Focus of Liturgy Conference | Synod Working Document Includes Problems, Proposals for Correction | Liturgical Institute Schedules Spring 2006 Conference | Sacred Music Colloquium Held at CUA [September 2005]

Memorial to Clavert Shenk -- Mr. Shenk worked on the Adoremus Hymnal, he died July 9, 2005. [September 2005]

Universa Laus: "Music in Christian Liturgies II" -- "A new statement on music from Universa Laus -- an 'international study group on singing and instrumental music in Liturgy' -- was published this spring...", by Helen Hull Hitchcock [September 2004]

How can we restore Gregorian Chant to "pride of place" -- "Chant is eminently suitable for the sacred Liturgy because it is sacred in nature."
by Lucy Carroll [September 2004]

What You Really Must Know about Gregorian Chant -- Benedictine Abbey in Britain publishes "The Beginners Book of Chant" -- First chapter inside. [June 2004]

Hymns, Hymnals, Composers and Choir Schools: Philadelphia's Historic Contributions to Catholic Liturgical Music [June 2004]
by Lucy Carroll

Dignus est Agnus - A Worthy Work from a New Musician -- Can small parishes and chapels have genuine sacred music at all celebrations of Sunday Mass? If you think it's not possible, talk to Jeff Ostrowski [April - May 2004]

Music at the Monastery: Holy Thursday and Good Friday - by Lucy Carroll, DMA -- Music at our monastery reflects the serious and somber nature of those days. [March 2004]

Apostolic Letter Observes the 40th Anniversary of Sacrosanctum Concilium -- The Spirit and the Bride -- On December 4, 2003, the fortieth anniversary of the Second Vatican Council's Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, Pope John Paul II issued an Apostolic Letter on the Liturgy, Spiritus et sponsa (The Spirit and the Bride). The complete text of the Vatican's English translation of the Apostolic Letter appears here. Many of the documents referenced in this Letter are available on the Adoremus web site, Church Documents section. [February 2004]

On Sacred Music: Pope John Paul II's Letter on the 100th anniversary of Pope Pius X's document on music -- The centenary anniversary of [Pope Saint Pius X's motu proprio on sacred music, Tra le sollecitudini] offers me occasion to recall the important function of sacred music, which Saint Pius X presents both as a means of elevation of the spirit to God and as a precious aid for the faithful in the 'active participation in the most sacred mysteries and in the solemn and public prayer of the Church'", wrote Pope John Paul II in his "chirograph" dated on the Feast of Saint Cecelia, patroness of music, November 22, 2003 and released December 3, 2003. [February 2004]

100th Anniversary of Pope Saint Pius X's Launch of Liturgy Reform Movement -- Tra Le Sollecitudini called for revival of Gregorian Chant -- One hundred years ago, on the feast of Saint Cecilia, Pope Saint Pius X issued directives on sacred music that gave encouragement and direction to the reform of the Liturgy, in addressing the nature of sacred music appropriate for use at Mass. [December 2003 - January 2004]

Pope John Paul II: Apostolic Letter on Liturgy and Directives on Sacred Music Released --Cardinal George addresses Vatican conference observing 40th anniversary of Vatican II Constitution on the Liturgy -- Tra Le Sollecitudini and Sacrosanctum Concilium anniversaries observed. [December 2003 - January 2004]

Musicians in Catholic Worship: Part III Bells and Whistles, Guitars and Tambourines, This is the third of a three part series., by Lucy E. Carroll [October 2003]

Cardinal Responds to Questions on Liturgy -- Wide-ranging questons on Liturgy were answered by Cardinal Francis Arinze at a conference in July sponsored by the Apostolate for Family Consecration. [October 2003]

Musicians in Catholic Worship: Part II -- Where Have All the Organists Gone?
by Lucy E. Carroll [September 2003]

Magnificent Music in Milan -- Cathedral Choir Celebrates Sixth Centenary with Concert Series --Comments by Sandro Magister www.chiesa, Virtually a Festival of Great Sacred Music in the Duomo, by Paolo Isotta[September 2003]

Musicians in Catholic Worship: Part I Banish the Soloists -- Let the People Sing -- by Lucy E. Carroll [July-August 2003]

What's so Sacred about Sacred Music? -- Is "Sacredness" a Matter of Taste, or an Objective Reality? -- "It might seem too obvious, but the very fact that Vatican documents use the term sacred to refer to music for the Liturgy indicates that the Church believes there is such a thing as music that is sacred". -- by The Rev. James T. Benzmiller [June 2003]

Heritage of Catholic Music restored to Catholic Worship -- The Twin Cities Catholic Chorale -- "The fact is that there is a demand among Catholics, and especially young people, for beautiful ceremonies and worthy sacred music". -- by Richard M. Hogan [June 2003]

What Happened to My Hymn? -- "Familiar texts can be as comfortable as old shoes, and as uncomfortable when replaced as new ones a size too small"., by Lucy Carroll [June 2003]

Vatican II didn't abolish choirs. So who did?, by Lucy A. Carroll [April 2003]

Chanting in the Vernacular - A Song Both Old and New, by Father Basil Foote, OSB [April 2003]

John Paul II - Give Praise through the Beauty of Music, Reflection on Psalm 150 [March 2003]

Worthy is the Lamb -- "Tropes" for the Agnus Dei are not inspired by a sudden sympathy with medieval practices, but are part of liturgists' project of "relocation of transcendence" in the Communion Rite., by Susan Benofy [Dec 2002-Jan 2003]

The Liturgy and "Unbridled Capitalism" -- What has liturgy to do with the pursuit of profit? Should the market govern Catholic worship? [November 2002]

Singing for the Supper of the Sacrifice? -- Liturgical Music and the Real Presence. [November 2002], by Lucy E. Carroll

Readers' Forum - November 2002 -- On adding "tropes" to the Agnus Dei [November 2002]

The "Usual Article" Revisited, and Revisited, and...Liturgical Conference Avoids New Guides for Renewal - Report on the 2002 Gateway Liturgical Conference, held annually in Saint Louis and sponsored by the Archdiocesan Office of Worship; co-sponsored by the local chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM), the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University and the Archdiocesan Office of Continuing Formation of Priests., by Susan Benofy [July-August 2002]

Music and Liturgy - How does music express the Word of God, the Vision of God? Chapter from the Spirit and the Liturgy [November 2001], by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

The National Hymn - from The Adoremus Hymnal [October 2001]

Bring Back the Bells! -- Church bells and bell towers are powerful symbols [October 2001), by Michael Rose

Buried Treasure V - Conclusion: Sacred Music and the Twentieth-century Liturgical Reform (Vol. VII, No 6 - September 2001), by Susan Benofy, PDF version of all 5 parts

A Musical Shock - Have we exchanged one form of music unsuitable for worship for another? by Allen Brings (Vol. VII, No 6 - September 2001)

"A Musical Offering" - Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music - sounds on the web, (September 2001)

Buried Treasure IV -- Sacred Music and the Twentieth-century Liturgical Reform, by Susan Benofy (Vol. VII, No 5 - July/August 2001), PDF version of all 5 parts

Veni Creator Spiritus -- Come, Holy Ghost -- Text in Latin and English of Pentecost sequence hymn (Vol VII, No 4: June 2001)

Buried Treasure - III -- The US interprets Vatican norms for sacred music (Vol. VII, No.3, May 2001), by Susan Benofy, PDF version of all 5 parts

Buried Treasure - II -- Sacred Music in the Twentieth Century Liturgical Reform, by Susan Benofy (Vol. VII, No. 2: April 2001), PDF version of all 5 parts

Buried Treasure - I -- Can the Church recover her musical birthright?, by Susan Benofy (Vol VII, No 1: March 2001), PDF version of all 5 parts

Actions of the Holy See on Liturgy and Sacred Music - 1903-1974 - Chronology, Key 20th century documents on Church Music - links.

Rethinking the Responsorial Gloria -- by Andrew Brownell (Vol. VI, No. 10 - February 2001)

When did Bach find time to pray? -- by Terry Mattingly (Vol. VI, No. 8: November 2000)

"Active Participation" in Chant -- by Monsignor Martin B. Hellriegel (Vol. VI, No. 8: November 2000)

About Making Music -- Achieving "noble simplicity" in Church music is not always so simple, by Allen Brings (Vol. VI, No. 6-7: September/October 2000)

Musicam Sacram - Instruction on Music in the Liturgy, Pope Paul VI (March 5, 1967)

From "Tantum Ergo" to "They Will Know We Are Christians": What Happened?, by the Rev. Robert C. Pasley (Vol. V, No. 2: April 1999)

Not To Us, Lord (review) by Father Jerry Pokorsky (March 1998, Vol. IV: No. 1)

Ritus Narcissus: Why Do We Sing Ourselves and Celebrate Ourselves?, by Father Paul Scalia (Vol. 5, No. 1: March 1999)

Sacred Music Symposium, (Vol. IV, No. 8: December 1998 / January 1999)

ICEL Psalter Lacks Savor, by Helen Hull Hitchcock (Vol. IV, No. 5: September 1998)

Him, Not Hymn, Hymn-singing during Communion blocks reception of what Christ may have to say to us., by William Bentley Ball (Vol. III, No. 6: September 1997)

"In the Presence of Angels I Will Sing Your Praise", The Regensburg Tradition and the Reform of the Liturgy by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Vol. 2, Nos. 6-8: Oct.-Dec. 1996)


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